National Vodka Day!


October 4th signifies yet another “holiday” of sorts for spirits lovers…National Vodka Day.  Vodka has become a go-to spirit for young and old drinkers alike.  Whether it’s a vodka and Redbull or a dirty vodka martini, we can all agree that it is one of the most popular and profitable spirits in the world.  In honor of National Vodka day, I have chosen 4 different vodkas to feature here on boozinQC.  Each of the following products differ from the others in either main ingredient or distillation process.  Hopefully after reading, you can find a brand that peaks your interest.


1. Hangar 1

Fun fact: You can find this distillery in an old Navy Hangar in California, hence the name…Hangar 1

Aside from a really neat distillery location, grapes are the main ingredient and that sets Hangar 1 apart from other vodkas.  Made in small batches, this vodka is made from fresh (like picked the same day, fresh) viogniet grapes.  Hangar 1 is really popular among vets in the cocktail industry and you can find it at cocktail bars like Soul Gastrolounge.  This is the only vodka on the list that includes a line of flavors, you can find Mandarin Blossom, Maine Wild Blueberry, Buddha’s Hand Citron and Kaffir Lime.



2. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Fun Fact: Tito is a real guy and he lives in Austin, Texas.

There is a lot to love about Tito’s Handmade, whether it’s the story of Tito Beveridge and how he came to create one of the top selling vodkas in the country or how it’s made from corn and microdistilled in an old fashioned copper pot still.  It’s naturally sweet and can be enjoyed on the rocks or if you’re feeling adventurous, in lemonade (jk).  Ok, I’m not’s really good with lemonade.



3. Reyka Vodka

Fun Fact: Reyka is filtered through lava rocks, real lava rocks.

You can find the Reyka distillery in Borgarnes, Iceland located right outside of Reykjavik. There is plenty that sets Reyka apart from other vodkas in the world, the most notable is the rare Carter Head Still which is typically used to distill the other clear spirit; Gin.  Two other things I should note about Reyka: 1. They only use artic spring water to make their vodka and 2. They use geothermal energy from nearby volcanos to power their facilities.    Pretty neat if you think about it.



4. American Harvest

Fun Fact: American Harvest is USDA certified Organic

Another small batch vodka, this one is made from winter wheat grown on a family owned farm in Idaho and it uses water from the Snake River plain to create a really great product.  From the farm to the wind power used to generate electricity to the recycled glass in the bottle, American Harvest is working as hard as it can to create a spirit with minimal impact on the environment.  Kudos!

american harvest


So there you have it.  Yay Vodka.  Cheers y’all!



Recipes At Home: Giant Vodka Gummy Bear


I thought at first when seeing this video that it’d be a great idea to try it with friends if we go tailgating for a big event like the All-Star Race or Coca-Cola 600 coming up Memorial Weekend.

But after seeing how enlarged, gross, and slimy the gummy bear got, I don’t think I’ll try it.

Just think how slimy the gummy bear will get in the hot sun!  I bet high schoolers are the only ones to try this one.

Try at your own risk.

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