The Balvenie Tasting @ Essex


We know it’s short notice but if you love Scotch Whisky and good food, clear your calendar for this Wednesday, March 1st! Our wonderful friend and Balvenie Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Wingo will be in town and we’re drinking all the whisky and eating all the foods. Details below! Hope to see you guys out there!!



National Scotch Day


I know what you’re thinking, you just celebrated National Tequila Day and you’re a little pickled from imbibing a bit too much, well, Dr. Boozin QC is here and I feel that the only remedy for your ailments is to partake in a dram of ultra amazing scotch with me!

In honor of this most appropriate holiday, I have picked my 3 favorite Scotch Whiskies to share with you, read on below to see why they’re my favorite.

Monkey Shoulder

New to the party, Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt – a blend of 3 Speyside Single Malt Whiskies and it’s really approachable, It’s sweeter with a bit of heat on the finish, lots of vanilla and zero peat. Perfect for those ready to venture into Scotch for the first time.


The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask

Finished in second fill rum barrels, The Balvenie 14 has a wonderful vanilla and toffee flavor that you would expect from the rum. The finish is smooth and light, for me this is a whisky meant to be enjoyed after dinner and with a dessert.


Glenfiddich 15 year

The oldest of the Single Malts mentioned here, you’ll find a slightly sweet and rich flavor. Matured in three different types of oak and then married together in a Solera Vat, this whisky delivers notes of pear, dried fruit and a hint of spice. I’m a fan!




There’s not much more that makes me happy than a good dram of whisky, so you can imagine how elated I was last night when I got to drink six, yes six tasty whiskies with Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador David Allardice and The Balvenie Brand Ambassador Jonathan Wingo.

David and Jonathan are no strangers to Charlotte and we love when they visit, especially when we partake in a whisky tasting but last night was a little extra special and I wanted to share.

We began our evening with a Rusty Nail made with Monkey Shoulder, if you’ve never had this classic cocktail, I suggest you try it, immediately. With David and Jonathan as our tour guides, we navigated our way through three Glenfiddich and three Balvenie whiskies.  In order we sampled,The Balvenie 17yr Doublewood, Glenfiddich 15yr, The Balvenie 15yr Single Barrel, Glenfiddich 18yr, Glenfiddich 21yr Gran Reserva and The Balvenie 21yr Portwood.

Each of these single malts are remarkable in their own way and really I enjoyed the way in which we sampled as it highlighted the characteristics of the whiskies like the sweetness of the Glenfiddich 15 or the silkiness of the Balvenie 21.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and I even learned a thing or two.

Thanks to David and Jonathan for joining us in Charlotte and thanks to John Howell and The Ballantyne Country Club for having us!


A love story: North Carolina and The Balvenie


Hey guys, we’re back from a few days off and I wanted to take a second and share a couple of photos from our adventures with Jonathan Wingo from The Balvenie last week.  Charlotte, Asheville and Chapel Hill each got their own special dose of whisky learnin’ and we loved it.

First, we had an amazing scotch dinner at Cowbell in Charlotte, where the food and the Scotch were perfectly paired together to create a pretty great experience for everyone in attendance…including retired Carolina Panther Jordan Gross.  From Charlotte we hiked up the mountain to Asheville where we spent a night with Jeff from Altamont Brewing.  Our night was filled with lots of nerdy beer and whisky chats and it was pretty fantastic.  We ended our tour of NC at The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill where the staff showed us an amazing time.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen such an engaged crowd at a tasting, those guys sure do love their whisky.

Bonus: I got to sample a 50 year old Balvenie and yes, it is as good as you think it is.


Pictures are below, if you’re so inclined…take a look.


Taste The Balvenie


Hey guys, We’re gonna keep spreading the Scotch Whisky love around Charlotte next week with a visit from The Balvenie Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Wingo.

Here’s the deal:

Tuesday August 26th: Cowbell Burger Bar
Full Dinner pairing with The Balvenie. Space is really limited, so if you’re interested in going…buy your tickets now.

Wednesday August 27th: Altamont Brewing, Asheville NC. 6-8pm
We’re not gonna let Charlotte hog all of the whisky fun. Asheville friends, come visit us at Altamont Brewing in West Asheville for Scotch flights and a meet & greet with our brand Ambassador.