12 Days of cocktails – #8


I’m switching it up for this post because 8 is my favorite number. So instead of featuring a local cocktail, I’m gonna share with you one of my favorites. I have a penchant for sweet so it’s no surprise that one of my favorite libations is a Hemingway Daiquiri. Named after the writer, this version of the drink was one of Hemingway’s favorite cocktails. If made correctly, it is the perfect balance between tart and sweet.

Hemingway Daiquiri

Light Rum

Maraschino Liqueur

Grapefruit juice

Lime Juice

Simple Syrup



Pins & Pinups 2015


Guys, I’ve been MIA lately and I apologize a bit for that but for good reason…I’ve been drinking. Oops.

Anyway, Charlotte has been really stinkin’ busy with all kinds of events and on Monday, the Queen City hosted Pins & Pinups with Playboy and Sailor Jerry.

12 teams competed to win a trip to Pensacola for a chance to whip up on other cities for the title of Best Bar Bowling Team in the U.S. (I don’t really know if that’s the actual title, but you get the idea).

Congrats to Tilt On Trade for winning 2nd year in a row!!! That beast of a team bowled a whopping 573 all while pounding their share of Sailor Jerry pickleback shots!!

Thanks to Playboy and Sailor Jerry for showing the QC some love, check out the pictures of the shenanigans HERE!!

My Birthday Party!!!


So I’ve been going around telling everyone that Andrew W.K. is playing my birthday party. Technically, this is not a lie, he really is performing at Neighborhood Theatre on September 10th! That just so happens to be my date of birth so you see how one would assume that Mr. W.K is indeed performing at my birthday party.

Not only that, but Sailor Jerry is a sponsor, so this means, lots of rum cocktails for everyone to enjoy. Scowl Brow and Hungry girl are also performing, so without a doubt this is going to be one hell of a celebration.

You can find tickets HERE!

You should come, not just because it’s Andrew W.K. but because I want you to! See you fools there, cupcakes are welcome!

Y’all, Phil’s is Closing!


I say that like it’s a bad thing, it’s not. I mean, my 22 year old self is pretty bummed that a staple of my college days will cease to exist however, a new and improved dive bar called The Local is gonna take it’s place. So that’s something to be stoked about, right?

We can’t think of a better way to say goodbye than to throw a monster party with Sailor Jerry, PBR, live music and lots of debauchery.

So, we’ll see you Saturday around 10ish for the shindig. Bring your liver.


Sailor Jerry Birthday Video


My very talented homies at RHBCreative, have done me a solid and captured our Sailor Jerry Birthday Bash on film and now we have it to show to you guys.

I’d like to Thank Snug Harbor, Charlotte Tattoo Company, Johnny V and Natty Boh for helping us throw one hell of a party for Norman “SJ” Collins.

Thanks to Stranger Day for letting us use your tunes in the video.

Cheers y’all!!!

2014: A recap in cocktails


2014 has been such a great year for us, not just for me and boozinQC but also for the Queen City.  We’ve had some pretty great cocktails come out of some of our favorite bars this year and I want to take a moment to highlight my favorites.

The Stow Away

Made by Stefan from Heist Brewery, this Sailor Jerry Tiki cocktail is sweet, fruity and perfect for warmer weather.

Sailor Jerry Rum

Strawberry Puree


Pineapple Juice


The Scotchie Pippen

This cocktail has been etched into my memory since the day I had it.  Created by Andy Maurer at Soul for a tasting event with Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, David Allaridice.  It’s not readily available now but I’m sure the fellas at Soul could make a great substitute.

Glenfiddich 12yr

Pure Intentions Cold Brew

Orange Bitters

Glenfiddich infused whipped cream garnish


Roasted Jalapeno Margarita

While margaritas aren’t normally my go-to cocktail, my friend Krissie adores them.  When we tried this gem from 1900 Mexican Grill, we were both surprised by how refreshing it was.

Espolon tequila

Watermelon Puree

Roasted Jalapenos

Fresh Lime


The Root Daiquiri

You wont find this in Charlotte, but it’s close.  Sovereign Remedies in Asheville is home to this incredible drink.  With fresh ingredients, it is damn tasty.

Flor De Cana rum







Pull The Cord


The Enemy to Fashion Drop Shop is sadly coming to a close, so we’ve decided to throw a party.

Find us at Custom in Noda on Friday December 12th at 7pm for drink samples, giveaways and a chance to win the most awesome one of a kind piece by Enemy To Fashion.

Here’s how to win a customized Sailor Jerry Jacket and a pair of PBR Vans: Bring new or gently used winter garments (coats, gloves, scarves and hats) to our little party and receive a raffle ticket for every item you bring.  Raffle drawing will be at 9pm.  Must be present to win!!

Bonus: The After Party is at Sanctuary – $5 Sailor Jerry Rum and Reyka Vodka Cocktails.

See y’all Friday!