My Birthday Party!!!


So I’ve been going around telling everyone that Andrew W.K. is playing my birthday party. Technically, this is not a lie, he really is performing at Neighborhood Theatre on September 10th! That just so happens to be my date of birth so you see how one would assume that Mr. W.K is indeed performing at my birthday party.

Not only that, but Sailor Jerry is a sponsor, so this means, lots of rum cocktails for everyone to enjoy. Scowl Brow and Hungry girl are also performing, so without a doubt this is going to be one hell of a celebration.

You can find tickets HERE!

You should come, not just because it’s Andrew W.K. but because I want you to! See you fools there, cupcakes are welcome!


Overboard 2: Cruise Control


Got plans for NYE? No? Cool, come hang with me and some of my closest friends on 12/31/14 at Neighborhood Theatre.  Last year’s party was a huge success and this year is going to be twice as nice.

$5 Sailor Jerry Cocktails and Sailor Jerry Pina Coladas

$2 Natty Boh

Live music from Hungry Girl, Junior Astronomers, Miami Dice and DJ Ahuf, just to name a few.

oh, did I mention that it’s a FREE show?!

For those that are interested in a little something extra, we have a limited number of VIP tickets that includes a free t-shirt, tin type portraits and a koozie. You can purchase the VIP tickets HERE.