Bars to Watch: Passion 8


Guys, Passion 8 Bistro is known for their amazing food, Chef Luca is KILLING the kitchen game here in Charlotte, but did you know that their bar program is doing fantastic things too? I got a sneak peak of their new cocktail menu and it’s super tasty!!

Check out these beautiful concoctions below!



Also, don’t forget, This Sunday 6/17, there is a FemArt show at 1 pm featuring art by Lis Grace and Free Hors D’oeurves!




Happy Cucumber Day, Y’all!


Who knew there was a day dedicated to the cucumber? I didn’t, but I’ll gladly celebrate!

Bars all over the city are celebrating with Hendrick’s Gin. The fellas at 204 North are celebrating by featuring a cocktail they call A Walk In The Garden, made with Hendricks’s Gin, Cucumber, honey, elderflower and soda water! Looking for something a bit different, Soul Gastrolounge will feature a Hendrick’s Gin cucumber shaved ice! I hear other bars like Murphy’s and Sip are participating too.

Where ever you decide to celebrate, do it responsibly!

Cheers, y’all!



11/12 Days of Cocktails, a bit late.


Shit guys, I got to number 10 in our super awesome 12 days of cocktails countdown and then Christmas happened and I forgot. If it’s OK with y’all, I am gonna just combine this post to tell you about my 2 new favorite cocktail things this year. Cool?

  1. I have a new cocktail crush and I’ve been craving it hard for the last few weeks. We’re all aware of the Gimlet, a classic no frills cocktail, but switch up your London Dry for a Scottish Gin and you’ve got something special. A Hendricks Gimlet is quite perfect–tart from the juice, sweet from the sugar and just a hint of cucumber to round it out. Like I said, perfect.



2. Books are cool in the fact that they teach you things. This book teaches you about things that get you drunk, so that’s extra cool, yeah? There are tons of mixology and spirits books out there, but one I picked up this year has sort of stuck with me. “Distilled” by Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley is an awesome intro to spirits. Each chapter focuses on a different type, with a history synopsis, how it’s made and how to use it. I dig the simplicity of it, an easy read for those dipping their toes into the spirited pond of wonder.


And on the 5th day…


Vivace gave to me…one hell of a cocktail.

Tonight, I got to spend some time at The Art of the Modern Cocktail party hosted by Liberate Your Palate Charlotte, anyway, we got to try cocktails from Passion 8, Bistro La Bon and Vivace! I got to try so many different cocktails, but if I had to pick just one to feature on BoozinQC, it would be the St. Mirtillo. It was tart, had tons of depth and it was awfully pretty.  Recipe is below along with a photo.

St. Mirtillo

Hendrick’s Gin

St. Germain


Cranberry Juice

Sour Mix


Just for fun, check out the entire menu from tonight, drinks were seriously special!



A Peculiar Recap


Guys, if you missed our Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academies last week, I feel for ya, We had such a fantastic time learnin’ and boozin!

Charlotte and Asheville were so good to us and we had such a great turnout, Three CHEERS to Dandelion Market and Top of the Monk for hosting us!

Click HERE to see some video love from Sarah Crosland and Charlotte Five!

Below is a photo or a few of our Asheville sessions by the magnificent Kipper Schauer!


Thanks again to all of our media friends, industry folks and imbibers for coming out to support our unusual gin! We love y’all!

Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academy


Y’all, cocktail academy is back!!! For those able to join us last year, you know that this was an incredible treat. This year we are providing the same great instruction with a new Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador, Fred Parent (who happens to be a native Carolinian).

Check us out in Charlotte on August 4th at Dandelion Market @ 6/8pm and in Asheville on August 5th at Top of the Monk @ 3/5pm.

If you’re interested in the classes, be sure RSVP to with your name and times, spaces will fill up fast!!

Click on the fliers below for all the deets.

Hendricks Invite Collage