12 Days of Cocktails, Day #4


I know i’m behind, bear with me, you’ll really like what we have for you!

Check out this amazing punch from Bob Peters at The Punch Room. This boozy concoction is bursting with tons of flavor.

Chai-ed and Gone To Heaven

Small Batch 1792 Bourbon

Chai Tea

Fresh Lemon

Fresh Orange

Simple Syrup




Jagermeister Mixology Lab with Bob Peters


I know there’s a handful of you that will read that headline and say “Hell No, Jager almost killed me in college, I’ll never drink it again”. I said the same things, and here I am tell you to come hang out with Bob Peters- Mixology Extraordinaire on Saturday 11/14.

Did you know that Jagermeister has 56 herbs and spices? Did you also know that Jagermeister Spice exists–with the same 56 herbs and spices just a little more of this and that to create a smoother taste?

Nope, bet you didn’t. Good news is Bob is here to tell you all of that and more, he’ll be discussing the flavor profiles of the products and deconstructing some of the ingredients. Attendees will also learn how to make really delicious Jagermeister cocktails that don’t include Redbull.

Here are the deets:

Earl’s Grocery

11/14 2:30pm (get there a bit early, seats fill up really quickly)

See y’all there!!

Mixology Lab with Bob Peters


At 2:30pm on Saturday, about 25 people descended upon Earl’s Grocery to get their whiskey learn on with Bob Peters. Once the lunch crowd realized just what was happening, our class size grew by 10, giving us a total of 35.

Bob gave us all a sample of Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey Rye and Russell’s Reserve. Then for a special treat, Bob showed the interested bunch how to make a Mint Julep using the Russell’s Reserve (the crowd favorite, obviously).

We had a very interactive group, with Bob at the helm, questions were being asked, flavor profiles were discussed and lots of whiskey was tasted.

Earl’s Mixology Lab happens once a month, I’ll try to keep y’all posted on the happenings so you can come sit at the cool kids table with me.

Get to know Bob Peters


If you live in Charlotte, chances are you’ve met Bob Peters at Pisces Sushi. This dude can make one hell of a cocktail and the locals know it.

Charlotte’s cocktail culture has expanded ten fold and Bob, a native of Charlotte has been instrumental making that happen. He is a mad scientist and a genius at infusing spirits to make one-of-a-kind cocktails.

We’re super proud of Bob as he’ll be taking a position with The Punch Room at the Ritz Carlton, we can’t wait to stop in for one of Bob’s famous concoctions.

Check out the video below to get to know Mr. Peters!!

A Night With Milagro Tequila


Monday was a busy night for folks in the Queen City.  While some were bowling their heart out with Sailor Jerry others were being treated to a rare visit from Milagro Tequila brand ambassador, Jaime Salas at Pisces Sushi.  Unfortunately, I missed all the fun, but I hear there were good times and tasty cocktails had by all!

Here’s a taste of what you missed, I hear if you’re around Pisces this weekend you can try this wonderful concoction.

“Miracle of Fall”

Milagro Reposado


Roasted Pecan syrup

Garnished with prosciutto-wrapped date

Thanks again to our wonderful photog phenom, Cris for taking such amazing photos for us.  Check out the album below.



Triple Jerry @ Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge


Sorry, I haven’t posted anything recently guys, I’ve been getting my learn on down in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail.  I figured a new cocktail spotlight would be a perfect post back.

The uber talented Bob Peters has given Sailor Jerry a spicy twist in his newest concoction.  Recipe is below, though you’d have to go to Pisces to try the real thing.

Triple Jerry

Sailor Jerry Rum

Triple pepper simple syrup (red chilli, Szechuan pepper corn, guajillo peppers)

Fresh lime


Want to see Bob make it? Check out his video here.