The QC Turns Green on 3/12


On March 12th, the World’s Largest Bar Crawl turns 16 and thousands upon thousands of people will descend on Uptown Charlotte to partake in all of the debauchery.

It’s a shit show, I don’t really know how else to describe it, so many people, taking all of the shots.

St. Pat’s is arguably one of my favorite drinking holidays of the year, I love it. I prepare weeks in advance to make sure my liver is ready for the marathon drinking session about to take place.

Check out all the deets below and find out how to buy your shirt HERE!

Update: here are the last prepay events before the big day!

Tuesday, March 8 – Strike City – 6:00-8:00
Wednesday, March 9 – TILT – 6:00-8:00
Thursday, March 10 – Prohibition – 6:00-8:00
Friday, March 11– Rooftop 210 – 3:00-6:00



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