The British Are Coming!!!!!


Not really. I lied, but what if I told you there will be a British invasion of sorts happening on December 19th?

From the mental mind of Sir Daniel “Gravy” Thomas (@gravyontherocks), we bring you…Something In the Water!

Think Sailor Jerry cocktails, flash art and tons of live music co-hosted by none other than the King of Party, Rapper Shane!

First, the cocktails. Enjoy British inspired rum cocktails from your favorite bartenders and watch as we crown the Queen of Charlotte! The QC’s first all female bartender competition will be happening on site and besides winning the crown, one of our lucky ladies will be taking home a huge prize. With that said, where my girls at? Think you’ve got the chops to compete?? Email me at and we’ll reserve you a spot!!

As for the art, we’ll be admiring the works of local tattoo artists, Joshua Taddeo and Matthew F. Scott, who no joke will be recreating classic Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins flash. For dessert, attendees will be front row for sultry moves by burlesque performer, Deb Au Nare.

Last but certainly not least, we’ll be enjoying  the sounds Green Fiend for their Black Sabbath cover set. Black Linen from ATL will also grace the stage then later we’ll be vibin’ to DJ Cole Alexander from The Black Lips and DJ AL Lover while he spins 45’s. Not to mention we have Astrea Corp, ELON and more shows to catch. You can check the full list in the flier below! As they say…come for the booze, stay for the show (I think that’s right?).

Here’s the important part…7-10pm is RSVP ONLY!! Yep, seriously. If you’re down for some early fun, rsvp to Otherwise, you’ll be stuck outside until the doors open to general public and let’s be honest, nobody wants that.



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