Cheers to the Queen City Cocktail Tour


I love how Charlotte and it’s people are getting excited about food, beer and booze. I mean, who doesn’t loved an expertly crafted cocktail?

A friend of mine at Liberate Your Palate has created a unique experience for just those people, Cheers to the Queen is cocktail tour that allows consumers to visit different bars and try cocktails featured specifically for this program.

Here’s the breakdown. Go to Liberate Your Palate to buy your passbook. Take your book to places like Heist Brewery, Dogwood Southern Table or one of the other 13 participating venues and receive a tasty libation and a stamp for your passbook. Simple as that.

Cheers to the Queen runs until September 15th, I’ve already got mine, join me and we can tour the town together!


2 thoughts on “Cheers to the Queen City Cocktail Tour

  1. Just found this blog through #Charlotte_Five! Really enjoy your posts! If we want to put an event on your radar, how can we go about that?! Thanks for highlighting these great opportunities in Charlotte!

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