Mixology Lab w/ Bob


There are plenty of reasons to love spring, the warm weather, the cocktails and the new fruits and herbs to go with them.

Won’t you join us on Saturday May 9th at Earl’s Grocery for a mixology class with Bob Peters? Bob will be teaching us how to make spring inspired herbal infusions and syrups to add to our patio cocktails. See y’all at 2:30pm, don’t be late!

Earl’s Grocery

1609 Elizabeth Ave. Charlotte, NC


Tour De Cure Fundraiser


Hey guys, y’all know I love me some charity stuff, so I got together with Tilt on Trade to throw a party to raise some dollars for a good cause.

My coworkers are riding 10 miles for the Tour De Cure to raise awareness for the American Diabetes Association. Since I’m super unathletical (yes that’s a word), I’ll be cheering from the sidelines and donating cash to the cause.

For a $10 donation, we’ll have stupid cheap drinks and a damn good time.

See you guys Thursday night at Tilt!

Mixology Lab with Bob Peters


At 2:30pm on Saturday, about 25 people descended upon Earl’s Grocery to get their whiskey learn on with Bob Peters. Once the lunch crowd realized just what was happening, our class size grew by 10, giving us a total of 35.

Bob gave us all a sample of Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey Rye and Russell’s Reserve. Then for a special treat, Bob showed the interested bunch how to make a Mint Julep using the Russell’s Reserve (the crowd favorite, obviously).

We had a very interactive group, with Bob at the helm, questions were being asked, flavor profiles were discussed and lots of whiskey was tasted.

Earl’s Mixology Lab happens once a month, I’ll try to keep y’all posted on the happenings so you can come sit at the cool kids table with me.

Tiki Night @ Cucina 24


Asheville friends, did you know that Cucina 24 throws a Tiki Party? No? Well you do now..  Details are below.

Saturday April 18th, 11:00-2:00 a.m.
$5 at the door
Food spread by Brian Cannipelli
Music by the Ouroboros Boys

The ever amazing tiki-ologist (I don’t think that’s a word but I can’t think of a better way to describe Donnie Pratt). Donnie is known around Asheville for his delectable cocktails, he’s also one of the few who does Tiki very well.  I got a preview of the cocktails he’ll be serving and they’re remarkable. He’ll be using rums like Appleton, Flor De Cana, and Sailor Jerry. He’ll also be making a concoction with Monkey Shoulder.  Who knew you could have a Scotch Tiki drink?

Check out the photos above an below. Then go see what all the fuss is about on the 18th. I can’t make it, so go imbibe a little for me.


Y’all, Phil’s is Closing!


I say that like it’s a bad thing, it’s not. I mean, my 22 year old self is pretty bummed that a staple of my college days will cease to exist however, a new and improved dive bar called The Local is gonna take it’s place. So that’s something to be stoked about, right?

We can’t think of a better way to say goodbye than to throw a monster party with Sailor Jerry, PBR, live music and lots of debauchery.

So, we’ll see you Saturday around 10ish for the shindig. Bring your liver.