Socialtopias: A new look at nightlife


Y’all, something big is coming to Charlotte.

Socialtopias is a new app from local dude, Joshua Lineberger that helps users plan their night out in the Queen City.

It’s pretty remarkable, really.  The app allows you to do all the great things from other apps like Foursquare, Messenger and uber.  You can group chat with friends, map your night out based on location, vibe and even drink specials and then when your night is done, you can book an uber for a safe ride home…all in one app.  Everything you need for a great night is in one place on your mobile device, plan your night, put your phone away and have a blast with your friends.  Social media offers so many great things but it disconnects us from the things that matter the most, this app brings us back to what is important, creating memories with the incredible people in this great city.

NYE is such a huge night in Charlotte and Socialtopias is capitalizing on that.  You can find a snow playground (yes with real snow) on Montford or a graffiti wall in Plaza Midwood, and if you’re really adventurous, there are Truth or Dare balloons at The NC Music Factory.

Socialtopias will be launching on Wednesday, December 31st.  Find all the info you need and take a tour of the app HERE.



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