Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academy


These past few weeks have been full of exciting new events in Charlotte (and Asheville), and I have been lucky enough to witness all of them.  One of my absolute favorite events though has to be the Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academy.  We brought in brand Ambassador Kris Von Dopek and set out to teach people about Hendrick’s and we did just that.  On Monday we visited Asheville, where Kris was able to meet some really great bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.  We took over Cucina 24 on Wall Street and got our learn on with some pretty fantastic people.  We ended our night at Sovereign Remedies…seriously if you’re ever in Asheville…you MUST visit this unique spot on Market St.  Anywho, we had several fantastic Hendrick’s Gin cocktails paired with some really remarkable food.  We even had Philipe, who was the most precious tap-dancing door guy I’ve ever seen.  All in all, Asheville was a huge success.  Pictures from our event at Sovereign Remedies will be up soon, I’ll be sure to update you guys as soon as I have them posted.

Moving on to Tuesday, Kris and crew headed back down the mountain to Charlotte where we had not 1, but 2 Cocktail Academies at Dandelion Market.  Hendricks took over the upstairs and we created a boozy classroom for Kris to teach everyone about our most peculiar gin.  Our second class was so full, some had to stand.  Word has it that Charlotte had the largest attendance in the country.  Kudos to the Queen City, I love to see everyone get excited about making cocktails. Below is the link to the pictures, feel free to browse and see what our academy was all about.  Huge thanks to Richard at Good Eats and Meets for taking photos!!


Thanks to Kris and Regina for visiting us down here in NC, we hope you guys come back very soon!!!

Hendricks Gin Cocktail Academy


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