National Bourbon Heritage Month


I’m a little late on this post but I figured it’s better late than never.  That being said, did you know that it’s National Bourbon Heritage Month here in the U.S.? No? Well let me tell you about it.  In 2007 Congress, yes, those guys in Washington declared September to be the month we celebrate bourbon.  It’s also my birth month, personally I think that those two reasons alone make September the greatest month of the year.  I’ve decided to celebrate by featuring a few bourbons that I think y’all might like.

1. Wild Turkey: You’ll almost always find 101 on most back bars in the south.  Made in Kentucky, Wild Turkey recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell.  In honor of this great accomplishment, Wild Turkey released Diamond, a special blend of 13-16 year old barrels. Its a rare blend with limited availability and can be pricey, but it’s definitely worth the cash if you can find a bottle.


2. Lexington Bourbon Whiskey: Another Kentucky bourbon inspired by it’s home state’s love for horse racing, this 86 proof spirit boasts deep aromas of aged oak with a hint of vanilla.  My opinion; its a good sippin’ bourbon.  It’s smooth  and the hints of vanilla are prominent, great for someone who hasn’t yet gotten their whiskey legs.  You can find Lexington at Heist Brewery in NoDa and if you go on Whiskey Wednesday you can have a glass for $5.


3.  Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey: One of the few bourbons made outside of Kentucky, Hudson hails from New York, the first family of whiskies distilled there since Prohibition.  I am a huge fan of Hudson, it’s rich and sweet and really sets a standard for craft whiskeys.  Bonus, the bottle is cute as hell, not that the packaging trumps the quality of spirit, because it doesn’t.



There you have it, there’s still 2 weeks left in September, plenty of time to celebrate and sample all three.  Cheers.



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