Happy Hour Vitamins


I know most of you humans wonder how I’m able to drink like a college student and still function like an adult on a daily basis, the answer is simple, I am superwoman but I also rely heavily on Happy Hour Vitamins.  I take them on days when I know I’ll be drinking heavily and almost always wake up without a hangover.  Ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you the same.  Below is a little bit of information on the product. Check it out and then buy your Happy Hour Vitamins at http://www.happyhourvitamins.com


What are Happy Hour Vitamins

  • Daily multivitamin specially formulated to help people who enjoy drinking avoid hangovers, live & feel better

  • Can be taken daily for health, is effective after just one dose.

  • Easy as taking a serving before, while or after drinking to help you feel better the next day.

  • On days of epic drinking, we recommend a second dose before you go to sleep.

Why Happy Hour Vitamins Work

  • Milk thistle has been recognized as a liver
    tonic for centuries. Studies looking at Milk
    Thistle have found significant improvements
    in liver function.

  • B Vitamin deficiencies can be linked to
    alcohol consumption.

  • B Vitamins aid in energy and metabolism

  • Some of the worst effects of the alcohol
    withdrawal syndrome can be avoided
    with the help of the vitamin “thiamine.”

  • N-acteylcysteine can aid the body with some
    of the toxic by-products from the metabolism
    of ethanol.

  • Antioxidants can help the brain deal with
    the effects of alcohol.



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