A love story: North Carolina and The Balvenie


Hey guys, we’re back from a few days off and I wanted to take a second and share a couple of photos from our adventures with Jonathan Wingo from The Balvenie last week.  Charlotte, Asheville and Chapel Hill each got their own special dose of whisky learnin’ and we loved it.

First, we had an amazing scotch dinner at Cowbell in Charlotte, where the food and the Scotch were perfectly paired together to create a pretty great experience for everyone in attendance…including retired Carolina Panther Jordan Gross.  From Charlotte we hiked up the mountain to Asheville where we spent a night with Jeff from Altamont Brewing.  Our night was filled with lots of nerdy beer and whisky chats and it was pretty fantastic.  We ended our tour of NC at The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill where the staff showed us an amazing time.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen such an engaged crowd at a tasting, those guys sure do love their whisky.

Bonus: I got to sample a 50 year old Balvenie and yes, it is as good as you think it is.


Pictures are below, if you’re so inclined…take a look.



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