New Bars coming to NC Music Factory!!!


As Charlotte grows, so does the bar scene.  This Friday, the Queen City will welcome 2 brand spankin’ new bars to the NC Music Factory.  

First up, TexiCali Taco and Tequila Bar.  Located in the old Saloon space, you’ll find a rockabilly/Day of The Dead/ 1950’s decor, the menu is full tex-mex goodies and tequila fans will be happier than a pig in you know what.  Grand Opening is this Friday Night, June 6th.  Stop in, check out the hot rods and have a shot…don’t forget the lime.

Right around the corner, in between The Fillmore and VBGB sits Automatic Slims. Taken straight from their website: “Automatic Slims ushers in a new form of entertainment that serves as a strong contrast to a nightclub and is, quintessentially, dive bar-sexy. The nostalgic Americana theme inspired by Southern California 1960s Kustom Kulture goes back to a time where hot rods, bikers and renegade babes ruled.”  Instead of martini specials, you’ll see Sailor Jerry Rum, Jack Daniels and PBR on the board daily.  Grand Grand Opening is also Friday June 6th.




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